How to Take Care of Aquarium Fish?

There is nothing wrong in having a hobby to buy an aquarium and collect colorful fish but along with your hobby, there come responsibilities to take care of the aquarium fish. Like other pets, your pet fish cannot live long because of their less lifespan and delicate immune system. So, you need to follow some special tips for upbringing your freshwater and saltwater fish.

Tips to Take Care of Pet Fish

Whenever you are captivating a fish to a fish tank by bringing it from wild, it starts feeling low because it misses its natural home and lifestyle. So, try to provide that environment to the fish so that it feels happy with you in your self-created aquatic world.


Some tips may help you to achieve the goal of keeping your fish healthy and happy as follows:

  • Create a Good Environment for Your Pet Fish

For all living things, their home is one of the important things in their life, so as for your pet fish. If you don’t create a good environment in their house then they may feel stressful. So, try to put clean aerated water in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Also, set gravels, fine substrate and live plants at the bottom of the fish tank. All these things will give a natural ambiance which can make your pet fish happy.

  • Make a Good Diet Plan for Your Scaly-Swimmer Buddy

Different aquatic species have multiple food requirements. All fish breeds do not have similar food requirement. Feed small crustaceans and vegetable crumbs to omnivore fish; feed green vegetables and leaves to herbivore and feed insects and worms to carnivore fish. Before planning the diet for the pet fish, know about the time gaps in feeding different breeds, and also know the quantity because wrong food habit may be the reason of various diseases like bloating, swim bladder disorder and malnutrition.

  • Take Care of the Water Condition of the Fish Home

Most of the fish diseases are just caused because of the unhygienic condition in a fish tank. So, try to clean your aquarium twice every week. It will be better if you change 15% of the water in a week and 20% of water in a month. Moreover, clean the entire tank with soft brush and mild liquid soap to avoid the harsh chemicals which can adversely affect your pet fish. Also, check the temperature, hardness and pH level while setting the water in the fish tank.

  • Find Out the Suitable Tankmates for Your Pet Fish

Remember, different fish has different requirements because every breed cannot adjust with every species. So, find out right companions for each freshwater and saltwater fish, so that they neither feel stressful nor they get indulged with any fellow tankmate. Too much fight can affect bloodshed, so always be careful about that matter.


Ending Note

If fishkeeping is your hobby then follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your pet fish because their happiness and longevity is your prime responsibility.

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